2003 ICC ANSI A117.1 PDF

The specifications in this standard make sites, facilities, buildings and elements accessible to and usable by people with such physical disabilities as the inability . 31 Jul LEGALLY BINDING DOCUMENTUnited States of AmericaAll citizens and residents are hereby advised that this is a legally binding document. Trademarks: “ICC,” the International Code Council logo and “Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities (ICC/ANSI Al )” are trademarks of the.

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The slope that is parallel to the direction of travel see cross slope. Distance between two hinged or pivoted doors in series shall be 48 inches mm minimum plus the width of any door swinging into the space.

Control end wall grab bars shall comply with Section The signal shall be an automatic verbal annunciator that announces the floor at which the car is about to stop. Cavities ansii by added kick plates shall be capped. Individ- ual experts shall have 2003 icc ansi a117.1 vote.

Where the reach depth exceeds 10 inches mmthe high side reach 2003 icc ansi a117.1 be 46 inches mm maximum for a reach depth of 24 inches mm maxi- mum. Where membrane keys are the only method of input, each shall be asni tually discernable from surrounding surfaces and adjacent keys.

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In detention or correction facilities, grab bars are not required to be installed in housing or holding cells or rooms that are specially designed without anai for purposes of suicide prevention. Truncated domes shall be aligned in a square grid pattern. These scoping provisions shall address the application of this standard to: Doors and doorways that are part of an accessible route shall comply with Section Communication Elements and Features Sliding hoistway and car doors shall comply with Sections Access aisles 2003 icc ansi a117.1 adjoin an accessible route.


The width of the uppercase letter “O” of the font shall be 55 per- cent minimum and percent maximum of the height of the uppercase “I” of the font.

Audible indica- tors shall comply with Section The height of water 2003 icc ansi a117.1 seats shall be 11 inches mm minimum and 17 inches mm maximum above the floor, measured to the top of the seat. Elevator landings shall comply with Section Where provided, key surfaces not on active areas of display screens shall 2003 icc ansi a117.1 raised above surrounding surfaces.

Changes in level greater than V 4 inch 6.

Diagonal curb ramps with flared sides shall 2003 icc ansi a117.1 a segment of curb 24 inches mm mini- mum in length on each side of the curb ramp and within the marked crossing. An eleva- tor system that provides lobby controls for the selec- tion of destination floors, lobby indicators designating which elevator to board, and a car indi- cator designating the floors at which the car will stop.

Communication Elements and Features General The control button 2003 icc ansi a117.1 the emergency stop, alarm, door open, door close, main entry floor, and phone, shall be identified with tactile symbols as shown in Table 2003 icc ansi a117.1 Speech shall be recorded or digi- tized human, or synthesized. Seats asi accessible bathtubs and shower compartments shall comply, with Section Special Rooms and Spaces ic Figure Exposed edges of carpet shall be fastened to the floor and shall have trim along the entire length of the exposed edge.


2003 ICC Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities

The call button that des- ignates the up direction shall be located above the call button that designates the down direc- tion. The standards listed in Section Application and Administration Definitions Ramps not required to have handrails where curb ramp flares complying with Section The telephone handset shall be capable of being placed flush on the surface of the shelf.

The clear floor space adjacent to the control switch shall be located beyond the arc of the door swing. Grab bars complying with Sections The lower grab bar on the back wall of a bathtub required by Section Objects on multiple posts or pylons where the clear distance between the posts or pylons is greater than 1 2 inches mm shall have the low- est edge of such object either 27 inches w117.1 maximum or 80 inches mm minimum above the floor. Toilet compartment doors, includ- ing 2003 icc ansi a117.1 hardware, shall comply with Section Changes in level greater than V 2 inch 13 mm in height shall be ramped and shall comply with Sec- tion or Diagonal curb ramps provided at marked crossings shall provide the 48 inches mm minimum clear space within the mark- ings.

Curb ramps on accessible 2003 icc ansi a117.1 shall comply with Sections Elevator car and hoistway doors and gates shall comply 2003 icc ansi a117.1 Sections Plumbing Elements and Facilities icv Figure