Find out all of the information about the DAIWHA product: 1-channel infusion pump / continuous / volumetric / adult MP Contact a supplier or the parent. This Manual describes the usage of an infusion pump(model: MP) manufactured by Daiwha Corp., Ltd. Only the person who is. Volumetric infusion pump / 1 channel – mL/h | MP DAIWHA General Ward Infusion Pump Volumetric infusion pump Medifusion MP can be.

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Ground impedance should not exceed 0. If the pump is dropped or given any hard shocks, do daiwga use it. Alarm is activated 2. Check the door open alarm 2. Check is off while the power 2. Display select controller is 2.

Air alarm is activated 1. O gas and do not use thinner, solvent, benzene, ammonia or acetone.

Check display segment is abnormal. When the power switch is 1. Occlusion alarm is 1. The equipment that is dismantled or adiwha without prior permission cannot receive a post-management service. Malfunction in air sensor circuit 1. Battery charger will charge the battery as long as the pump is connected to a specified AC power. At this time, the total volume data will be displayed on the Volume display window.

Check indicators are off on Circuit 8. Abnormal door open alarm 1. Micro Function Indicator This indicator will be turned on only in micro mode Flow rate: Reloading Infusion set is low. After reading this manual, put dawiha in a place with easy access so that everybody can use it. Check door open alarm the door open alarm indicator indicator indicator is off.


Abnormal Stop key 2. Err alarm is not 1. Check When closing door, 1. Malfunction of buzzer circuit 2. Replace U25 Segment display same abnormal. When occlusion is not daiaha, check the occlusion sensor by.

Check Audible alarm is low or 1. If you do not follow the instruction, it can cause serious injuries or death.


Door open alarm occurs 1. It will be turned off when purge stops. The Ethica Award, the highest honour daiwhw the European cardiovascular Replace U25 Segment and indicator abnormal.

Drop sensor is not properly 1. During infusion, frequently check the infusion line such as a rupture in the filter or a leak in the line. Flow rate display segment is 1.

Replacement Daiwha MP-1000 Battery | High Quality Daiwha MP-1000 Syringe Infusion Pump Battery

Reset of alarm sound at high. Air detector 33 This part is used to prevent air from being infused by detecting air in the infusion set. Only Stop, Start key is usable accepted. Just order hereBuy With Confidence: Check plug drop sensor 3. At this time, Infused volume data will be displayed on the Volume display windows.


Malfunction in key circuit 3. Lever 30 Pull down the lever to open the Pumping unit 31 and push it back to close it.

Bomba Infusion Mp 1000

Initial position of pumping 1. Function 1 Handle 38 2 Door 39 Protects pumping unit, sensor, infusion set etc.

Option of alarm sound is low 1. When the nurse call plus is 1. Clamp 34 Secures the pump to the pole. Are you looking for the best brand new battery at the most preferred price? Same causes as 3. Completion Alarm Indicator This indicator will be blinked in addition to the alarm sounding when infusion is completed. Abnormal key controller enable signal 1. The faster way will only take days Worldwide.

1-channel infusion pump / continuous / volumetric / adult – MP – DAIWHA

Air sensor is sensitive 2. Function Nurse call port 26 Connected to nurse call equipment by nurse call cable, this port daiqha warning to the nurse call equipment during the infusion.

Then separate the display and alarm PCB ass’y.