View and Download Epson LQ reference manual online. pin Dot Matrix Printers. LQ Printer pdf manual download. Also for: Lq We have 9 Epson LQ manuals available for free PDF download: Reference Manual, User Manual, Quick Reference, Manual, Technical Brief, Specifications. When you work in an environment with demanding everyday printing demands, the Epson LQ is what you need. From orders and invoices to barcodes and.

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If continuous paper is jammed in the printer, tear off the fresh supply at the perforation nearest the paper entry slot.

Epson LQ-590 user manual

Eposn make sure of the name of the shared printer, ask the administrator of the network. Notes contain important information and useful tips on the operation of your printer. Set the paper release lever to the rear push epson lq 590 manual position.

Chapter 1 Setting Up the Printer This chapter describes how to unpack and set up your printer. Service World Wide Web When the printer receives data, it automatically loads the paper epson lq 590 manual starts printing.

Setting Up Your Printer on a Network Sharing the printer This section describes how to share the printer epson lq 590 manual a standard Windows network. Contacting Customer Support If your Epson product is not operating properly and you cannot solve the problem using the troubleshooting information in your product documentation, contact customer support services for assistance.

Switching Between Printing on Continuous Paper and Single Sheets You can easily switch back and forth between printing on continuous paper with a push tractor and printing on single sheets without having to remove or reload the continuous paper. Product Information Minimum See the figure below. See the table below for more information. Accessing Epson Status Monitor 3 Click the Default epson lq 590 manual to revert all items to the default settings.


Set the paper release lever to the single-sheet position. Many people prefer to read the documents not on the screen, but in the printed epson lq 590 manual. Open the printer cover to the upright position, then pull it up to remove epson lq 590 manual. For Dos Programs Loading paper in the paper guide Follow these steps to load paper in the paper guide: An interruption in power can erase information in epson lq 590 manual memory epwon your printer or computer.

Page International character set for italic table You can select among several international character sets for the italic character table. Once you have checked your printer driver settings and changed them if necessary, you are ready to print. Remove the new ribbon Ribbon guide cartridge from the package. These menus contain the printer driver settings.

Single-sheet multipart forms for the optional front sheet or front paper guide only: Uninstall the printer driver before uninstalling the USB device driver. When the printer enters the default setting mode, the button works as an ItemU button.

Transporting the Printer If you need to transport your printer some mabual, carefully repack it using the mwnual box and packing materials.

Epson LQ-590 Reference Manual

Supported Operating Systems Epson Status Monitor 3 The printer epson lq 590 manual once if you press a control panel button when the corresponding function is not available. After setting the selected parameter to the desired setting, you may continue to make changes to other parameters by pressing the ItemD button or the ItemU button. To add a shortcut icon to the taskbar, go to the Utility menu and follow the instructions. Make sure the printer is off before you insert the paper in the paper slot.

epson lq 590 manual

Table of contents Table Of Contents The tractor is installed in the rear push position when the printer is shipped. For Windows XP, select Browse for a epson lq 590 manual. Loading paper in the front sheet guide or front paper guide You can load single sheets or multipart forms one at a time in the front sheet guide or front paper guide. Cause The network setting is wrong. Click the icon of the computer or server that is connected epson lq 590 manual the shared printer, and the name of the shared printer.


Turn the ribbon-tightening knob to help feed the ribbon into place. Slide the ribbon guide into the print epson lq 590 manual until it clicks in place. Then open both sprocket covers and fit the first four holes of the paper, with printable side up, over the tractor pins.

epson lq manual by gokul g.k – Issuu

Additional Tractor Unit Place the base plate on the stand and fasten the two together with the plastic spacing clips. Epson lq 590 manual can install the printer driver of the shared printer, if you have Power Users or more powerful access rights even if you are not the Administrator.

For Users In The Philippines For users in the Philippines To obtain technical support as well as other after sales services, users epson lq 590 manual welcome to contact the Epson Philippines Corporation at the telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address below: The printer does not load single sheets of paper or does not feed paper properly.

Loading Single Sheets Use paper that is at least mm 8. For details, click the Help button in this dialog box.

Do not reconnect the power cord to an electrical outlet that has the wrong voltage for your printer.