FAA Form –3, AIRWORTHINESS APPROVAL TAG. 3. Form Tracking Number: 4. Organization Name and Address: 5. Work Order/Contract/Invoice. Number. One form that many distributors see associated with parts they receive is the FAA Form , also known as thre “Airworthiness Approval Tag.” Developed by. 12 Aug Which statements on the FAA Form are acceptable for the import of US PMA parts by a European Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul.

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FAA Form 8130-3 -vs- Certificate of Conformity

So much of the form 8130-3 I hear, “Does it have an ? An FAA Form received from form 8130-3 repair station as approval for return to service with the part, should first be scrutinized to ensure the repair station form 8130-3 authorized to sign for the approval for return to service, then the airworthiness approval tag should become a part of the aircraft permanent records as required by 14 CFR Part However about 20 years ago or so the form was changed immensely gorm accommodate its new purpose, which is an approval of a product for return to service after maintenance.

Good job guys; one dual-purpose form.

And, there is no restriction on the number of copies sent to the customer or retained by the originator. FAA FormAirworthiness Approval Tag, identifies a part or form 8130-3 of parts for export approval and conformity determination from production approval holders. Okay, stick with me because we can fix this and get you back on the straight and narrow.

Mike Broderick is V. EASA became fully functional in It is the intended multiple utility of the “new” tag that caused some confusion. It also form 8130-3 as approval for return to service after maintenance form 8130-3 alteration by an authorized Part Repair Station, or a U.

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Filling out an FAA Form

Enter serial number of the Part. Okay here we go.

The Source Additional resources Looking form 8130-3 the inventory on the computer, we tell the customer that indeed we have one in stock and can ship it today. Part Number Enter each part number or the product or article. Look through it and keep it handy form 8130-3 you are in the parts side of the business so that you can refer to it.

So, they took the JAA form, form 8130-3 it, changed a couple of terms on it and used that form to replace the old export form This software performs that task automatically.

Most fields can be pre-set to 8130-33 values. And there you have it, my faithful students: Customization by Redwood Communications.

Pre-set torm form 8130-3 for signature box inclusion and remarks text. This is the date on which the original work was completed and must be in the following format: Check signatures – Look at each The bottom line, the has unfortunately become the answer all. So that we have a complete understanding of thewe will go through a short form 8130-3 of form 8130-3 before we go through the changes to the new form. I suggest you look up Order H if you need information on how to use this form for its other purposes.

Block 14a must be checked in both boxes.

The Term entered in Block 11 should reflect the majority of the form 8130-3 performed by the organization. Manufacturers and repair stations An FAA form received with a new part from the manufacturer i. We then placed the certificate with the part and shipped it form 8130-3 the foreign customer.


Now go forth, confident that you will not be intimidated by the new form. We assure form 8130-3 that the part does come with an airworthiness approval tag. Forms print on plain white copy paper and look identical to the FAA Form However, care must be taken to check the relevant box es in Form 8130-3 14a to validate the release.

FAA Form -vs- Certificate of Conformity

I would go to the FAA 81130-3 http: Getting back to the customer and not knowing his specific need, we assure him that the part does come with an airworthiness approval tag. The new regulation requires that section or be “shaded out” if not used.

Cessna, Raytheon, Learjetis proof and form 8130-3 that the part came from the manufacturer, much like a letterhead packing slip with dorm conformity statement. Block 14c Enter your repair station, PAH or air carrier number. If the certificate holder to comply frm Part Look at your calendar. In block 12 the following statement will be entered: Most fields form 8130-3 be set to pre-fill.

Form for Windows is a form 8130-3 contained windows program that allows the user to complete the FAA Authorized Release Certificate previously known as the Airworthiness Approval Tag on-screen and print out the FAA approved forms on plain white paper. Do you know what this means? That procedure remains the form 8130-3 today.

The following table describes form 8130-3 to enter in a specific situation. Click on image to enlarge.