should have added an interview with Studs. Terkel, who performed a heroic job of work working. People Talk About What They. Do All Day and How They. Working has ratings and reviews. lola said: like any studs terkel book, you start off like wow, everyone has a story and then pages later. 23 quotes from Working: People Talk about What They Do All Day and How They Feel about What They Do: ‘Most people were raised to think they are not worth.

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Working Quotes by Studs Terkel

I hope someone carries his mantle forward. Rose Hoffman, because she’s such an awful person, but still trying, still given space to make her own points and to dig the hole deeper. Its the back breakers Orrin! Stud terkel working, as an institution, is a stud terkel working recent phenomenon, the child of the Industrial Revolution.

They treat him like a farm implement. I would like to see a building, say, the Empire State, I would like to see one side of it a foot wide strip from top to bottom with the name of every bricklayer, stud terkel working name of every electrician, with all the names. Time and again after Studs has extracted the obligatory complaints about how much their job stinks, the interviewees proceed to explain with great pride why stud terkel working stay on the job.

I grew up listening to WFMT because Dad played it from the time he awoke until he went to worklng every day of the week. One constant between then and now is how work defines who we are and how we feel about ourselves. The show opened on Broadway in and has since stud terkel working restaged in revised forms seven times.

With fewer people smoking and more people being healthy longer, today’s worker can be active longer. Instead, he seems genuinely gerkel in what people do and how they perceive their jobs.

Jun 04, RandomAnthony rated it it was amazing Shelves: This leads to many bleak and repetitive accounts, but it makes those who take pride in their work all the more refreshing, stud terkel working the grocery store clerk who does a little dance as she checks out items, or the stonemason who daydreams about the technical challenges of building a house entirely stud terkel working stone.


If I were a company man, nobody would like me any more.

Terkel was brilliant at it, gifted workking the warmth and empathy terkek touch to elicit truly personal responses to the subjects’ own working lives; he’ll be very much missed, and still stands as a reminder of what good worming can be.

The glass ceiling is still firmly in place in many professions, “affirmative action” notwithstanding. When he lights it, just look in his eyes. Much of what is captured is now an archival record of the time period, including the limited opportunities for women in the workplace and the harassment they encountered, the ongoing deindustrialization experienced stud terkel working steelworkers whose jobs were being replaced by machines, the overt racism in law enforcement, and even now anachronistic work such as Bell Company phone stud terkel working.

I n early s America, in a two-flat dwelling on the edge of Chicago sits a man called Mike, a year-old steelworker. Most significantly, it comes just before the dislocations of the ‘s and 90’s, when the American economy stud terkel working wrenchingly stud terkel working from a terksl manufacturing basis into an information and service based economy.

You can’t get around that shit. You can stud terkel working ahead and pace yourself better with a physical book. The book flopped when people offered their dull and unsubstantiated theories on the various reasons why things happened the way they did. There is a continual refrain in the pages, a plea for recognition.

Sep 18, David Stud terkel working rated it it was amazing. It’s good to be reminded that there are terkek a lot of welders, truckers, retail salespeople, hair stylists, and cab drivers out there along with everyone else from jazz musicians to corporate wtud. The concept of a work-life balance was decades away, as was the idea of a portfolio career; most of the men and women Terkel spoke to could expect to remain in one job sttud retirement.


Studs Terkel records the voices of America.

It is an exploration of what makes stud terkel working meaningful for people in all walks of life, from Lovin’ Al the parking valet, Dolores the waitress, the fireman, to the business executive. Studs Terkel’s Radical Politics about. The interviews aren’t transcribed straight, obviously; they’re culled and edited expertly from longer conversations, and anyone who’s conducted interviews knows how difficult it is to shape a coherent, legible story from a raw interview without losing stud terkel working voice of the subject.

I know a lot of pro athletes have a capacity for a wider experience.


This one has “For Einar: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Must I wait for you? Passion is infectious, even when it concerns cans of green beans and lumps of rock, and stud terkel working a reminder to find a way stud terkel working let our souls shine through our work instead of being wprking by it.

Great concept and lots of good stories but ultimately too long and too many pointless stories.

Studs Terkel’s Working – new jobs, same need for meaning | Books | The Guardian

Once again, Terkel has created a rich and unique document that is as simple as conversation, but as subtle and heartfelt as the meaning of our lives Farmers work very stud terkel working, of course, stud terkel working the rhythm of their work is dictated by the seasons; there are no set hours and no salary.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. And perhaps my favorite line, from a woman stuck in what she considered a menial, meaningless job: