The Blunders of our Governments [Anthony King, Ivor Crewe] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. There are a handful of blunders that are. Editorial Reviews. Review. `Must be read by every incumbent and wannabe representative of Look inside this book. The Blunders of Our Governments by [ King, Anthony, Ivor Crewe]. Kindle App Ad. With unrivalled political savvy and a keen sense of irony, distinguished political scientists Anthony King and Ivor Crewe open our eyes to the worst government.

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Suffice it to say that the Treasury did not cover thr in glory. Britain is intensely partisan in its politics, making deliberation difficult. The Blunders of our Governments is as depressing as it is funny and is a real eye-opener to just how easil In The Blunders of our Governments Anthony King and Ivor Crewe trawl through the litany of woeful decisions and goverbments oddities that have been perpetrated by the blunders of our governments succession of British Governments.

Or perhaps, the lack of project blundets or something. Though this book provides a comprehensive guide for ministers who wish to avoid blunders, I fear we shall see many more.

The Blunders of our Governments by Anthony King and Ivor Crewe – review | Books | The Guardian

We believe the blunders of our governments have been far too many of them and that most, perhaps all, of them could have been avoided. But Labour has become almost equally disconnected from real life, with its frontbenchers and advisers increasingly drawn from a cohort that went from school to university usually Oxbridge to Westminster thinktank without ever working in a retail store, a hamburger joint or a benefit office.

The NAO has the luxury of being able to apply hindsight while bayoneting the wounded.

But the root causes are so entrenched, I don’t see significant change happening in my lifetime. Ministers resign over scandals and gaffes, rarely over policy failure. Norman Lamont Millennium Dome London reviews. We can see this as what it is a massive vanity project that we the public taxpayers do not want but some moronic politician knows better than us and hey it the blunders of our governments only the blunders of our governments, our tax money!

The blunders of our governments to Read saving…. In recent decades, however, it’s all begun to unravel and governments of all stripes are now more blunder-prone than ever before. To my mind, what is needed is an intelligently designed arrangement for challenging policies. Impatience, arrogance, inexperience and stupidity brought us the now defunct Child Support Agency, pensions mis-selling, numerous IT bungles and a disastrous public-private partnership to modernise the London Underground.


Crewe and King maintain the right mix of scorn and understanding throughout, and the examples are well contextualized even for those, like myself, born before many of them occurred. Maybe I am too optimistic? Still, it makes for an interesting read to collect all of the policy and administrative disasters in one place.

The scheme, giving poorly qualified people modest sums to help “buy” training courses to improve their skills, was pure New Labourism.

Smith posted on on 10 August No topic is dwelled on for too long and od pace of the book is fast enough to keep you engaged but slow the blunders of our governments to feel you are getting the necessary detail. The book acknowledges the positives of this – while the US has had decades of democratic govs fail to introduce universal healthcare, UK could go ahead and do it.

The Blunders of Our Governments

They also point to the failings of the Labour Years and their expensive blunders, Individual Learning Accounts anyone? It is very satisfying to see such thoughtful, objective analysis.

Companies Show more Companies links. King and Crewe mention page how even the excellent NAO concerns itself with looking back at how government got spent rather than having a voice much earlier to analyse the wisdom or otherwise of the policy that would cause the money to be spent. This can sometimes make it difficult for civil servants to get their concerns and reservations heard.

The most interesting section is almost certainly the last, where the blunders of our governments authors make recommendations on ways to avoid such errors in the future and lessons to be learned from both foreign governments and our own history. Britain prides itself on its parliamentary system and on Rolls-Royce public administration. And I mean a lot, lot less. The blunders of our governments group often assumes that there is only one way of doing things: Show 25 25 50 All.

No, mistakes count as blunders when they are stupid and careless — driven the blunders of our governments some combination of hubris, laziness, wilful ignorance or sheer incompetence. Written by two of Britain’s most distinguished political scientists, this is the must-read politics book of But I could point to many more disasters Shinwell created.


Others include the establishment of the National Health Service, the Town and Country Planning Act which stopped urban sprawl and preserved the much loved character of the English countryside which you can see in Downton Abbey, the Road Safety Act which introduced the breathalyser to test for drunk driving: All my years of political activism and conscientious audit have clearly amounted to almost nothing, except at the most granular level.

It pulls no punches and dissects in minute detail the fact that our the blunders of our governments process is not fit for purpose and can be totally disconnected from any form of functionality when trying to get things done’ Totally non-partisan it lambasts all political hues and if you read it it will shake your faith that anything, ever, can actually be achieved. The second half of the book sadly is of a much less enjoyable nature. The mindset is wrong.

The Blunders of Our Governments, by Anthony King and Ivor Crewe | Financial Times

Sep 03, Akin rated it liked it Shelves: Very good to look back and see which mistakes are made over and over again. One might be easy to administer, but open to fraud or ineffective in practice.

Aug 29, Omar rated it really liked it. Perhaps this is what is meant when the blurb describes the book as ironic. Opinion Show more Opinion links. In a postscript, they judge the coalition, with its start-stop-start NHS reforms, its misallocated franchise award for the West Coast mainlineits aborted plan to sell off forests, its malfunctioning disability assessments, and so on, to be the blunders of our governments anything … even more blunder-prone than its predecessors”.

So the authors are not writing a book to prove that government consists of one ghastly blunder after another. Yet many of the blunders King and Crewe recall can be partly attributed to how the The blunders of our governments run their government and politics.