High-Performance Entrepreneur has ratings and 45 reviews. Kandhasamy said: Somewhere in the middle of this and odd pages book shines the. 18 Apr Bagchi, who is the chief operating officer of Mindtree Consulting, has turned that journal into a book titled, The High-Performance Entrepreneur. 3 Sep The growing economy of India rests on the strengths of entrepreneurs – particularly the ones whose performances are high. It is hence not.

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Jul 18, Gaurang Swarge rated it liked it. In a high-performance entrepreneurship, mental insecurity does not exist.

Somewhere in the middle of this and odd pages book shines the thought: This includes how to decide when one is ready to launch an enterprise, selecting a team, defining the values and objectives of the company and writing the business plan to choosing the right investors, managing adversity and building the brand.

High-Performance Entrepreneur by Subroto Bagchi. Want to Read pegformance. It gave the insight of a startup life. Aug 12, Piyush Rawat rated it liked it. Very indepth and comprehensive, and is good for reference book too.

But, I felt i have read all these on some blogs. Then, he got into biofarming. The perforance of the book Subroto Bagchi shares his experience as an entrepreneur with a shrewd analysis on skills to be acquired to the high performance entrepreneur by subroto bagchi the start, while concisely prescribing several business essentials needed to make a lasting impact in the world of business and information technology.

Oct 11, Arun rated it it was amazing. All of the high performance entrepreneur by subroto bagchi came from middle class backgrounds, very ordinary backgrounds — they are very self-made people. The lack of the shared wealth creation mindset in high-control orientation can be a negative when you are trying to set up a knowledge-intensive organization. Another interesting thing that we did, which is what I have suggested in the book, is to be very careful about the color of money.

High-Performance Entrepreneur by Subroto Bagchi

Do these people look like they really, really the high performance entrepreneur by subroto bagchi a long view of time? This is an Army captain who quit the Army.


The need to raise a question to ourselves – How is our business idea or plan different compared to the rest who’re already ahead of us and ruling the roost in the market? And if you started a business, then you would be low in the pecking order for people to give their daughter to you.

The writing is easy to follow and does not require the high performance entrepreneur by subroto bagchi MBA. He is mainly famous as the Co-founder of Mindtree. A good knowledge of the pros and cons prior to investment helps prevent any form of illusion from setting in regarding the success of the business venture. Well, actually, having said that, I must say that more and more industries, more and more businesses are becoming knowledge-intensive. Wherever there is a collaborator involved in the ideation process, how do I create larger leverage through the relationship beyond just that one idea?

He explains what those secrets are that make so many Indian companies on par with conglomerates of the rest of the world.

The great thing about the United States is that an ordinary individual, in the normal course of day-to-day living, subrotk not have to deal etrepreneur corruption, does not have to deal with working the system, which is a core competency that you have to have [in India], unless you are in a business like information technology or something like that.

And while doing that, this man used to come to the nearby city occasionally to visit his daughter. Subroto Bagchi, the Co-founder of The high performance entrepreneur by subroto bagchi shares his experiences in this timely book that serves as a comprehensive guide to budding entrepreneurs.

This book is a delightful guide to aspiring entrepreneurs. Dec 27, Andrew rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Subroto Bagchi was born in Orissa in Therefore, it is very important to retain good valuable resources and utilize their talent for obtaining high productivity performsnce favorable business outcome. Aug 30, gramakri rated it liked it.

Mindtree Consulting’s Subroto Bagchi on the Principles of High-Performance Entrepreneurship

Good description for how you can go ahead in building an enterprise. Log In or sign up to comment. Dntrepreneur would recommend every College student Freshers-at-Job to read this book.

But that also innovates many things including others, it innovates engrepreneur spirit of shared wealth creation, and it also is something that brings along high-control orientation. Oct 28, Divya rated it liked it. The next prerequisite requires the entrepreneur to be cautious while choosing the right investor.


High-Performance Entrepreneur

And you need to ask yourselves the deep questions that the VCs hihh you to ask before you go to the VCs. Plus it is priced perfectly.

The book also imparts ideas of managing our money and building our brand, which of course invariably form a part of the later stages of business establishment.

The content presented herein feels like a start-up guide for several aspiring entrepreneurs, who’re itching to make their mark in the business world. The fourth and the fifth prerequisites are closely related and can be the high performance entrepreneur by subroto bagchi as a singly knit well bound pair of requirements. If you did not get a job, only then it was the last recourse. When one looks at the core team that is co-opting for other people entreprenneur are founders, along with the entrepreneur himself or herself, I think three or the high performance entrepreneur by subroto bagchi things are very critical.

There, he met another Army colleague who used to fly a helicopter in the Army and was a very successful helicopter pilot. I think if those two things were not there, entrepreneurship would take on a whole new meaning in countries like India. So, here is a man who is seeing a billion poor people. Though the author makes no bones to hide the fact that the book is written primarily for the IT start ups, one can most certainly use it is a blue print to ask the right questions for any ambitious ventures.

Are we well prepared for the best and the worse? So, entrepreneurs are unique animals, because what they can do is work opportunity backwards, as opposed to [working] a problem forward. Psrformance is striking about the book is that it feels very humble, and genuine.

Mindtree is one of India’s most well-regarded IT companies.