Uniform-Building-by-Law (UBBL).pdf – Free ebook download as PDF File . pdf) or read book online for free. Uniform Building By-Laws UNIFORM BUILDING BY-LAWS. ARRANGEMENT OF BY-LAWS. PART I. PRELIMINARY. By-law. 1. Citation. 1 Mar I found this copy of Malay edition of Uniform Building By-Law online at Malaysia’s Fire and Rescue Department ().

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Measurement of travel distance to exits.

Enclosing means of escape in certain buildings. Horizontal and vertical barriers at the external walls. Calculation of occupant load.

The following walls and floors in buildings shall be constructed as compartment walls or compartment floors: Fire resistance for walls. Can you advise me of where to do that? Category designation for fire penetration and spread of flame on roof surface.

Spaced standards for calculating occupancy loads.

Notice of completion of setting out: Fire resistance of structural member. Design and construction of refuse chutes. Enclosure of staircases in a shop. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script.

The occupancy load permitted in any place of assembly shall be ubb, by dividing the net floor area or space assigned to the use by the square metre uhbl occupant as follows: Space below floors to be ventilated.


For the purpose of this Part every building or compartment shall be regarded according to its use or intended use as falling within one of the vurpose groups set out in the Fifth Schedule to these By-laws and, where a building is divided into compartments, used or intended to.

Fire mode of operation. Any building, other than a single storey building, of a “‘””””””or purpose group specified in the Fifth Schedule to these By-laws and “””””””” which ha,;-u. Sketch plans for approval in principle.

Cladding on external wall. Installation and testing of dry rising system. Foundations of buildings not exceeding four storeys.

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I found the english pdf version at this link. Combustible materials adjoining smoke flues. Hence, a Licensed Land Surveyor. Plans to be signed.

Uniform-Building-by-Law (UBBL).pdf – Free Download PDF

Accessible flat roofS, balconies, etc. Each place of assembly shall be classified according to its. Exemption from by-law Measurement of the length of a wall. Classification of restriction of flame over surfaces of walls and ceilings. National Institute of Public Administration!

Openings into swimming pool. Reduction in total jbbl floor loads. Just to remind you the file is in Microsoft Ibbl file format and not pdf. Height of rooms in residential buildings, shophouses, schools, etc. Protection against soil erosion, etc. Withdrawal or change of qualified person. Provided that if any building is. Thank you for your info but that link only links to the index page without to the actual contents.


Projections over the street and over the building line. Minimum area of rooms in residential buildings. The proportion of the building abutll;,g the street, road or open space shall be in ;Jtcordance with the following scale: Travel distance in places of assembly.

Uniform-Building-by-Law 1984 (UBBL).pdf

Emergency mode of operation in the event of mains power failure. Royal Customs and Excise Department of Malaysia. Exit doors shall close automaticaily when released and all door devices including magnetic door holders, shall release the doors upon power failure or actuation of the ubbbl alarm.

Exits to be accessible at all times.

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Use of miUimetre brickwork and concrete blocks in loadbearing walls.